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THE PROVINCIAL GRAND LODGE OF MEATH is a province of THE GRAND LODGE of FREE and ACCEPTED MASONS of IRELAND and it consists of the Counties of Meath, Cavan, Longford and Westmeath (except the town of Athlone), all located in Ireland. It meets four times a year, in various locations, on the fourth Wednesday in the months of March, June, September and November.

The locations of meetings for 2018 are as follows:


March:St John's Close, Virginia*
June: Mullingar (Bloomfield Hotel)
September:    Athboy.
November: Longford.

*  By kind permission of Masonic Havens Ltd.

A brief history of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Meath.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Meath was constituted by order of The Grand Lodge of Ireland on April 2nd in the year 1869.
R. W. Bro. Richard, 3rd Baron Castlemaine, was appointed the first Provincial Grand Master of Meath. The Provincial Grand Lodge met for the first time on June 10th 1869 in Carroll's Hotel, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

The First Provincial Grand Officers

R. W. Bro. Lord Castlemaine P. G. M.
R. W. Bro. William Fetherstonhaugh   P. D. G. M.
V. W. Bro. William Anderson P. S. G. W.
V. W. Bro. Matthew Weld O'Connor P. J. G. W.
V. W. Bro. Francis B. Fetherstonhaugh P. G. Treasurer.
V. W. Bro. George J. Norman de Arcy P. G. Secretary.
    W. Bro. James Sherwood P. S. G. D.
    W. Bro. William Matchett P. J. G. D.
    W. Bro. C. T. B. Vandeleur P. G. I. G.

However Lord Castlemaine died shortly afterwards on July 4th, aged 78, and in September R.W. Bro. William Fetherstonhaugh, of Carrick, Mullingar was appointed Provincial Grand Master.

Bro. Fetherstonhaugh appointed R. W. Bro. Dr. Babbington, of Lodge 90 - Cavan, Provincial Deputy Grand Master, and V.W. Bro. J. G. Norman de Arcy, J.P., of Lodge 131- Mullingar, was elected Provincial Grand Secretary.

On the death of R. W. Bro. Fetherstonhaugh, Bro., the Right Hon. Col. E. R. King-Harman, M.P., was appointed Provincial Grand Master and he nominated V.W Bro. Norman de Arcy as Provincial Deputy Grand Master. The office of Provincial Grand Secretary was then filled by V.W. Bro. the Venerable F. E. Clarke, M.D., LL.D., of Lodge 76 - Longford.

R. W. Bro. Col. King-Harman died in 1888, and the Grand Master appointed Bro. the Most Noble the Marquis of Headfort, K.P., (3rd Marquess), (Lodge 244 - Kells) in his stead, and he was duly saluted as such at a Stated Communication in Kells, on September 19th, 1888.

On being appointed Provincial Deputy Grand Master of North Connaught, V. W. Bro. Clarke resigned the office of Provincial Grand Secretary and V.W. Bro. G. H. Miller, J.P., of Lodges 65 - Granard, 76 - Longford and 308 - Ballymahon, was elected Provincial Grand Secretary on September 17th, 1890 at a Stated Communication held in Longford.

On the death of the Marquis of Headfort in 1894 Bro. Col. Charles Pepper, D.L., Lodge 244 - Kells, was appointed Provincial Grand Master, and on June 19th, 1895, was saluted as such at a Stated Communication held in Mullingar.

Bro. C. H. Miller resigned the Office of Provincial Grand Secretary in 1899, and on September 20th of that year Bro. Samuel Jones, M.A., was elected in his stead.

In 1904 R. W. Bro. G. J. Norman de Arcy died and V. W. Bro. G. H. Miller, J.P., was nominated by the Provincial Grand Master as Provincial Deputy Grand Master in his place.

For many years after Provincial Grand Lodge was established all Meetings were held in Mullingar. It then used to meet, in turn, each year in Mullingar, Kells, Cavan, and Longford. Now it meets in all the Lodges in the Province, rotating around with four each year.

At first the Province consisted of ten Lodges, but it then increased to peak of fourteen with the addition of four Lodges: Granard (65), Kenagh (96), Belturbet (99), and Castlepollard (124). Today it consists of 12 Lodges.

List of Provincial Grand Masters

1869 - 1869 R. W. Bro. Lord Castlemaine
1869 - 1880 R. W. Bro. William Fetherstonhaugh
1880 - 1888 R. W. Bro. Col. E. R. King - Harman
1888 - 1894 R. W. Bro. the Marquis of Headfort
1895 - 1928 R. W. Bro. Col. Charles Pepper
1928 - 1957 R. W. Bro. Lord Farnham D. S. O.
1957 - 1962 R. W. Bro. S. R. Brown
1962 - 1979 R. W. Bro. A. H. D. Gordon
1979 - 1989 R. W. Bro. Garret W. Tyrrell
1989 - 2000 R. W. Bro. Trevor E. Winckworth
2001 - 2005 R. W. Bro. John F. Wood
2005 - 2015 R. W. Bro. Cecil P. Tilson
2015 - Present    R. W. Bro. Russell R. Waller

The dates of the Lodge Warrants in the Province.

Lodge           Year

Ashfield (Cootehill)1794
Leinster (Mullingar)1845
Edgeworth (Longford)1857
Headfort (Athboy)1872
Loughcrew (Oldcastle)1877
King-Harman (Granard) 1885
St John’s2005

If you are interested in a general history of Freemasonry in this part of Ireland, this is a link to an article written by Larry Conlon for Riocht na Midhe, the annual journal of The Meath Archeological and Historical Society.

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