Leinster Lodge No. 131

Warrant No. 131 was issued to Leinster Masonic Lodge to meet in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath on the 2nd of January 1845.

Mullingar Masonic Building

Names on the Warrant : James Rooney (Lodge 132), George Robert Gunning (Lodge 132) and John Gordon (Lodge 27).

From the Minutes of the Grand Lodge Board of General Purposes.
Lodge 131:

2nd January, 1845 Read a Memorial from certain Brethren of the Masonic Order residing in Mullingar and its vicinity praying for a new Warrant for a Lodge to be held in that town. Recommended by Lodges 308; Ballymahon, 65; Granard and 163; Birr. The Board recommend that a Warrant shall be granted to the Memorialists. G.L.M. 2nd January, 1845 – Granted 131

29 March, 1869 – Read letter dated 27th February from the Secretary of Lodge No. 131 Mullingar enclosing the Memorial for permission to change their place of meeting from the Court House to Carrolls Hotel for the reasons stated in the Memorial, without waiting for the recommendation of the Provincial Grand Lodge (of Meath) which has not yet commenced its working. The Board recommended the case to the favorable consideration of Grand Lodge.

31st January, 1870 – Read letter dated 20th Inst., from the Secretary of Lodge No. 131, Mullingar stating that at the last meeting of the Lodge it was determined to give a sum of Ten Pounds towards the completion of the new Masonic Hall, Dublin and requesting to know to whom the same shall be paid. The Board recommend than an Account be opened to be called "The Special Hall Fund" and that the money be placed to that account.

4th April, 1870 – Read letter from the Secretary of Lodge No. 131 Mullingar stating that they give the £10 to the Grand Lodge unconditionally. The Board recommend that it be received and placed to the credit of the Special Fund of the Order.

From the Minutes of Grand Lodge
Lodge 131:

3rd July, 1879 – Read a letter from Lodge 131 Mullingar for permission to remove its place of Meeting to the new Masonic Hall now nearly completed. Recommended by the P.G.L. The Board recommend that permission be granted. Confirmed.

In 2013 and 2014 Leinster Lodge carried out extensive repairs to their building in Mullingar. The foundations were underpinned and extensive redecoration and external painting was undertaken.

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