Headfort Lodge No. 244

Warrant No. 244 was first issued to the 2nd Regiment of Foot later The Queen's Royal Regiment, (West Surrey), 5 April 1754. This Warrant was lost at sea through enemy action and a duplicate was granted without charge of fees on July 6th 1809. This was returned to Grand Lodge in February 1825 as the regiment was going to India. The Lodge was meeting in Richmond Barracks, Dublin in 1823.

It was re-issued to Brethren in the 52nd Regiment of Foot (Oxfordshire Light Infantry), on May 10th 1832, which was then quartered in Kells, Co. Meath. Lodge No. 244, attached to the 52nd Foot, met in Newry in 1833, the Regiment being then quartered there. It was again returned to Grand Lodge in 1844.

In 1872 it was granted to Kells.
Names on the Warrant : Most Noble the Marquis of Headfort, John Ringwood, M. D. and William A. Barnes, M. A.

Lodge No. 244 was inaugurated on the 24th of January 1873 by Right Worshipful William Fetherstonhaugh, Provincial Grand Master of Meath. The Marquis of Headfort was installed as Master, John Ringwood as Senior Warden and William A. Barnes as Junior Warden and Secretary.

Headfort Lodge remained in Kells until November 1962 when it moved to Oldcastle where it used the Masonic Hall there along with Loughcrew Masonic Lodge. It then moved to The Diocesan Hall, Trim in November 1965 where it met until December 1995. It then moved to the Parochial Hall, Athboy where it continues to meet to this day.

244 was not the first Lodge in Kells as warrant, No. 161 was granted for Kells, Co. Meath in 1808. This was moved to Slane in 1819, to Wicklow in 1842, and cancelled in 1859.

If you would like more information please email the Secretary: info @ meath.org

List of Masters

  1. Marquis of Headfort
  2. John Ringwood, & W. P. Radcliff
  3. L. C. d'Arcy
  4. George E. Radcliff
  5. William S. Garnett
  6. Joseph Bell
  7. John Keating
  8. George Dundas
  9. Marquis of Headfort
  10. Joseph Lowry
  11. William Carleton
  12. Joshua Clare
  13. Edward Bolton
  14. John Armstrong
  15. Thomas Francis Sparrow, M. D.
  16. Marquis of Headfort
  17. John H. Crosby
  18. George Shaw
  19. Richard Walker
  20. J. C. McCaffrey
  21. Claud Chaloner, J. P.
  22. William A. Barnes, M. A., J. P.
  23. F. R. Battersby, J. P.
  24. Colonel Charles Pepper, D. L.
  25. Thomas McCollum
  26. Reginald S. Radcliff
  27. Rev. Charles E. Hardy
  28. J. Trevor Lowry
  29. R. S. Barnes
  30. Capt. A. A. Lane
  31. Charles J. Lowry
  32. George Knight
  33. Rev. Samuel Douglas Irons
  34. Rev. John Frazer Pillor, B. A.
  35. John Cattigan
  36. George Lyndon Bomford, J. P.
  37. J. K. Stephenson
  38. Rev. Canon John Healy, L. L. D.
  39. John Alfred Kirkpatrick
  40. Capt. Claud Willoughby Challoner
  41. Admiral Vernon Archibald Tisdall
  42. Percival James Power
  43. Charles Francis Bomford
  44. John Hampden Nicholson
  45. Samuel William Barriscale
  46. Alfred Kirley Wright
  47. William James Wilson
  48. Leslie John Nugent
  49. William Odlum Armstrong
  50. Rev. Robert Warren
  51. Rev. Robert Warren
  52. James Gray
  53. Harry Thornton Carroll
  54. Humphrey Thompson Breakey
  55. Thomas Beattie Ruddell
  56. Thomas Harry Evans
  57. James George Evans
  58. William John Mitchell
  59. Joseph Browne
  60. Alfred Stanley Hardy
  61. John Robinson
  62. Rev. Rowland Athey
  63. Rev. John Henry Carson
  64. James Roundtree
  65. George Edward Clarendon Wilkinson
  66. John Walter Keating
  67. Cyril Ivan McCollum
  68. Alexander Lewis Hennessy
  69. Rev. E. Leyland Ledwich
  70. Arthur Charles Evans
  71. George H. Hennessy
  72. Rev. Robert B. Thompson
  73. Rev. Robert B. Thompson
  1. William Maxwell Kirk
  2. Roy H. McCormack
  3. Roy H. McCormack
  4. Daniel Douglas
  5. Richard O'Neill Evans
  6. John Herbert McQuade
  7. George Hughes
  8. Dr. Harold William Walter
  9. Rev. Trevor Senior Hipwell
  10. Benjamin Roe Douglas
  11. Joseph Henry Onions
  12. William Faulkner
  13. Robert James White
  14. Clement Charles Pigott
  15. Arthur Pickup
  16. William Roundtree
  17. Alan Joshua Elliot
  18. Samuel Alban Evans
  19. John Ferris Beattie
  20. Valentine R. McCormack
  21. Rev. Dean Thomas Victor Perry
  22. Basil George Carter
  23. William Henry Fortescue Fleeton
  24. Thomas Joseph Roundtree
  25. George Alexander Sheppard
  26. Geoffrey Richard Clarke
  27. Leonard Nicholas Horan
  28. Cecil Beresford Clarke
  29. David Wallace Graham
  30. Benjamin Roe Douglas
  31. John Ferris Beattie
  32. Charles Peter Langley
  33. George Alan Crowe
  34. David George Williams
  35. Leslie Cyril A. Clarke
  36. Eric B. Hughes
  37. David Wallace Graham
  38. Richard T. Shirley
  39. Robert D. G. Ryan
  40. George Hughes
  41. Thomas Hare
  42. Richard T. Shirley
  43. Charles Peter Langley
  44. George Alexander Hunter
  45. John Ferris Beattie
  46. Garrett W. Tyrrell
  47. Eric B. Hughes
  48. Vincent Eruig Exon
  49. William J. Walter
  50. David George Williams
  51. .
  52. Garrett W. Tyrrell
  53. .
  54. David W. Douglas
  55. .
  56. .
  57. David McLean
  58. Seamus Shields
  59. David George Williams
  60. Robin Booth
  61. Robin Booth
  62. David McLean
  63. Patrick Codd
  64. David George Williams
  65. George F. Bannister
  66. Philip Kane
  67. David McLean
  68. Michael G. O'Neill
  69. Francis Martin

List of Secretaries

1873 William A. Barnes
1913 George L. Bomford
1933 Alfred S. Hardy
1936 Harry T. Carroll
1950 James Roundtree
1960 Clement C. Pigott
1964 Samuel A. Evans
1966 George Hughes
1983 Peter Emmott
1985 David G. Williams
1993 John F. Beattie
1996 William J. Walter

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