Loughcrew Masonic Lodge No. 252

History of Masonic Lodge 252

Issued to brethren in PAISLEY, Scotland, 10 Dec. 1754. Volume 1 of the extant Grand Lodge Registers Record "Held in the town of Paislet in North Britain 10 Dec. 1754" Three name registered in 1754 Hugh Cochran Gavin Lamby; William Killoch. 43 other brethren registered up to 29 June 1771 ,when the last 22 were noted.

Given In Downes, 1804 as meeting in 23rd Foot.

Cancelled by Order of Grand Lodge, 7 Oct. 1813.

There is a pencil note in the Register:- "See Bagnell's Cork Evening Post" for year 1769 Lodge 252 regularly meeting in the City of Cork. Grand Lodge of 6th January 1814 notes-"Granted to Darty, Co. Monaghan, but not issued.

Grand Lodge Minutes of 5 Nov 1818 notes; "Barbados reports that they have formed a lodge under their local warrant No.6 in the island of Granada" confirmed by Grand Lodge as:-
(A) Reissued to brethren in St George's Granada,4 Nov 1819 Second Series. Vol. 2 shows; Richard Hudson; William Kirkland, and James Burrowes, registered 4 Nov. 1819. No Indication as to Master or Wardens. 37 other Brethren registered on the same date. A total of 91 brethren registered up to 8 April 1825. Warrant sent in (no Date) but was sent in prior to 1858.

(B) Reissued to "Loughcrew Lodge" in Oldcastle,Co.Meath, 1 May 1877.

One member, Bro.W.A. McCready served in the 1914-1918 War and he returned.

Records in the custody of the Grand Lodge are as followed; 2 Minute books covering the period 1877 to 1911. All other minute book are held in the Lodge.

Names on the Warrant : William A. Barnes, M. A., Matthew Weld O'Connor J.P. and William Stanwell Garnett, J.P.

A Short History of the Lodge Rooms in Oldcastle.

The Lodge first held its meetings in the Court Rooms of the Market House in Oldcastle. This lasted up until 1922. After this the Lodge met in a disused Wesleyan chapel lent by the local Methodist authorities. This was subsequently bought by the Lodge. However on the 11th of May 1957 the hall was maliciously damaged by fire. Following a country-wide appeal the building was repaired and is still in use.

If you would like more information please email the Secretary at this address: herbertstewart @ eircom.net (Remove the extra spaces in the email address.)

List of Masters

  1. William A. Barnes, M.A., J.P.
  2. Matthew Weld O'Connor, J.P.
  3. William S. Garnett, J.P.
  4. William Harman, J.P.
  5. Henry W. Rotheram
  6. Thomas Battersby
  7. Rev. Thos. G. Durdin
  8. James Lowe
  9. John George O'Neill
  10. Thomas F. Jenkins
  11. John O'Neill
  12. George Matthews
  13. George Matthews
  14. William Duncan
  15. Charles J. O'Rourke
  16. William Strong
  17. William Harman J.P.
  18. Samuel Johnston
  19. William Duncan
  20. William J. Girvan
  21. Hugh Gray
  22. Edward Preston
  23. Henry Kiernan
  24. Morgan H. Rotheram
  25. William H. Wilson
  26. Thomas Blanford
  27. James Gibson
  28. Joseph Elvin
  29. Henry W. Robinson
  30. George Acheson
  31. Samuel J. Murdock
  32. John Watt
  33. Samuel R. Whyte
  34. Henry R. Bell
  35. Henry Morrow
  36. John R. Battersby
  37. Robert Wilson
  38. George Stafford
  39. Robert Trinnear
  40. Rev. William Bradfield
  41. Edward O'Neil
  42. Robert F. Aiken
  43. Edward O'Neil
  44. Nicholas Barker
  45. Rev. Henry M. Lloyd
  46. James Maulsed
  47. Thomas Kidd
  48. James Parker
  49. Rev. Hugh P. Woodhouse
  50. George H. F. Nixon
  51. Thomas R. Gordon
  52. Capt. Worship Booker
  53. William J. Strong
  54. Rev. Robert J. Charters
  55. Thomas H. McQuade
  56. Rev. James N. McCann
  57. Frederick H. O'Neil
  58. Herbert G. J. Taylor
  59. Robert J. Woods
  60. John H. Armstrong
  61. Rev. Richard S. Hipwell
  62. John Evans
  63. Rev. William A. Russell
  64. James Byers
  65. William J. Wright
  66. Thomas H. McQuade
  67. Edward O'Neil
  68. Thomas Francey
  1. Loftus H. Walker
  2. William McAuley
  3. Robert S. Morrow
  4. Rev. Henry I. K. Anderson
  5. Albert V. McMillan
  6. William L. Bannon
  7. William H. Acheson
  8. Rev. Guy N. Cave
  9. Robert Pallin
  10. James McQuade
  11. John C. Leahy
  12. Robert A. Bertram
  13. Robert H. Trinnear
  14. John F. Wood
  15. Ernest F. Strong
  16. John Byers
  17. Robert Nelson
  18. Robert Pallin
  19. Thomas W. Harrison
  20. John McQuade
  21. Thomas R. Byers
  22. Thomas H. Gibson
  23. Thomas H. McQuade
  24. Hugh Faulkner
  25. Thomas Notley
  26. Wilbert Woods
  27. William Kane
  28. Raymond Whitley
  29. John Wiggins
  30. Rev. Canon Samuel Jennings
  31. Thomas Alexander
  32. Kenneth F. Faulkner
  33. Robert Nelson
  34. John S. Williamson
  35. Robert A. Bertram
  36. Wilbert Woods
  37. Henry R. Poyntz
  38. Thomas Alexander
  39. John Johnston
  40. Arthur Howden
  41. Elliot Blakely
  42. Henry R. Poyntz
  43. Robert Wilson
  44. Robert Cassidy
  45. Quentin R. H. Pallin
  46. William J. Leahy
  47. Frederick Kettyle
  48. John Johnston
  49. Neville Armstrong
  50. Neville Armstrong
  51. Elliot Blakely
  52. Neville Scott
  53. Quentin R. H. Pallin
  54. Thomas Alexander
  55. John F. Wood
  56. Robert Wilson
  57. Frederick Kettyle
  58. Herbert W. Stewart
  59. John Johnston
  60. Neville Armstrong
  61. Kenneth Heaslip
  62. Robert A. Bertram
  63. John Faulkner
  64. Nigel Byers

List of Secretaries

1877 Alun Leigh
1880 Thomas Battersby
1889 James Love
1905 Henry Kiernan
1918 Edmund O'Neil
1922 Nicholas Barker
1923 Rev. Richard Senior Hipwell
1927 George A. F. Nixon
1937 Edmund O'Neil
1938 Capt. Worship Booker
1940 Rev. William A. Russell
1944 Rev. C. K. Kevin
1951 Henry Kiernan
1959 John Herbert McQuade
1963 Robert Pallin
1983 John F. Wood
1993 Robert Cassidy
2003 Herbert W. Stewart

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