Colonel Charles Pepper C.B.E. 33o
(1845 - December 6th 1927)

Provincial Grand Master of Meath, 1895 to 1927.

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Colonel Charles Pepper, J.P., D.L., Royal Meath Regiment (5th Leinsters), High Sheriff of Meath in 1887, lived at Ballygarth Castle, near Julianstown, Co. Meath.

Educated at Harrow and subsequently at Trinity College, Cambridge. He was adwarded a B.A. in 1869 and a M.A. in 1876.

He was initiated in the Meridian Lodge, No. 12, Dublin in 1872 and was Master of that Lodge in 1881 He affiliated to the Headfort Lodge, No. 244 in 1894 and was Master of the Lodge in 1896.

Col. Charles Pepper, C.B.E. was appointed Sovereign Grand Commander of Supreme Council 33o in 1925, also appointed President of the Grand Chapter of Prince Masons in the same year.

He was also a Deputy Lieutenant of Meath, as indicated by the letters D. L.

The following is from the 1927 Annual Report of Grand Lodge shortly after his death.
"Freemasonry in general and more particularly the Province of Meath met with a serious loss in the death of R. W. Col. Charles Pepper, Provincial Grand Master of Meath. His end was very sudden, as some few hours before the sad event he was taking the usual interest in all matters connected with the Craft. Colonel Pepper was initiated in the Meridial Lodge, No. 12, Dublin, in 1872, and occupied the chair of that Lodge in 1881. He was also a member of the Kells Lodge, No. 244, and occupied the position of Provincial Grand Master for the long period of 33 years. His interest in the Craft was shown on all occasions, and whilst he held the position of Provincial Grand Master he was unremitting in the discharge of his duties and was loved and respected by the Brethren under his jurisdiction."
Pepper.jpg - 88 kBytes Memorial tablet in the entrance porch of St Mary's Church, Julianstown, Co. Meath. This church contains many other memorials to the Pepper family.
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